Friday, 4 December 2009

Hypocritic Alcoholics!

I have nothing against people who want to drink alcohol, but I personally despise it. What I dislike are people who love to get wasted at a weekend and throw their guts up and then look down on people who like to indulge in marijuana.

I think anybody who has the mindset that alcohol is fine but marijuana is terrible needs to educate themselves, and maybe look past all the government's propaganda!


Vero said...

Mmmmmmmmmmm. The jury is definitely out! Nice profile pics btw

Biohazard 2808AD said...

wow dude its prob none of my bizness but im interested to know what made you post this!

ramsy66 said...

Thanks Kelly.

lol Raiden I just felt like it :p What sparked it though was a few people I know on facebook posting how they love getting smashed or how they plan to get wasted at the weekend, but I've heard them in the past talking about people who smoke weed like they're drug addicts shooting heroin! It got to me.