Sunday, 17 October 2010

Tony Coupland's Back Story

Tony Coupland works in an office in a busy industrial estate in Southern England. He is middle aged and to any onlooker would come across as an introverted loner. To Tony, however, he is a perfectly normal middle-class office employee. Tony simply doesn't require the same amount of social stimulation as the majority. Tony's solitude causes him no depression, he prides himself on his working ethic and material possessions.
Before the bizarre events in his life occurred, Tony never really delved into the confusing realm of his emotions. Close members of his blood line had passed away in the past, but Tony never let mourning cloud his goal of remaining true to himself and no one but himself. It was only recently that he truly felt what anger was, what it felt like to have your entire being torn to pieces by insanity, left gasping for air in the pit of your drowning soul.
The issues started with a dream, a dream which may not sound completely out of place when it comes to the subject, a world where the nonsensical makes perfect sense. This dream felt different to others though, whenever he thought back to it he felt as though he was recalling a memory.
The dream began with Tony coming to in some sort of holding cell. The cell felt familiar, filled with smells that brought about nostalgia. No hint of anxiety or paranoia clouded him. He felt like he had been sitting there for an eternity. He could not see beyond the bars, which did not unnerve him. The feeling of the cell was one of security rather than entrapment. After an amount of time, he wasn't sure how long, a man emerged from the darkness. The familiar looking face seemed so close to Tony's, but there was something amiss. It was as though he had stumbled upon an old friend in the most unlikely of places. The man came close to the cell, his presence seeming to conjure unknown emotions.
After looking into the man's eyes trying to understand his intentions, Tony came to the assumption that his intentions must not have been positive. Just his being there caused feelings of deep primal terror deep down in Tony's heart. The man faded back in to the darkness, while Tony began feeling more and more unsecure. The walls to his cell losing definition, no longer feeling indestructible nor able to maintain the stability that had become the norm.

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