Friday, 8 October 2010

Game Concept

So as a basic concept, there is a large coproration, who is experinemnting advertising in a new way to a select country. This involves using a virtual world which an individual, or persona, logs in to. It is primarily a game which subliminally advertises products to you which is also chemically addictive in its experience as well as mentally addictive as it allows the person to be the person he/she always wanted to be. Over time the virtual worlds became more popular than the real one, people spending more and more time logged in to it. This means there are less people out in the real world to purchase the products being subliminally advertised. This goes against the corporation's wishes so they decide to retaliate and shut all of the servers down to force people out again as the country becomes unstable.
The "players" who are declined their experience turn crazy from withdrawel symptoms, with references from the virtual world seeping in to the real world. With the corporation shattered from retaliation from the public and people growing increasingly ferel, the country turns in to a wasteland of animalistic humans wandering mindlessly looking for ways to recreate the experiences they had in the virtual world, while trying to barely survive off the baren landscape.
The player plays as one of a group of people who never entered the virtual world so never felt its effects. With the rest of the population lost to mental torment, the group must try to survive while attempting to restabilize the country by any means. The task is made harder by the remaining humans who seem to have lost any sense of reasoning or morals. The group decide to find out more about the systems which ran the virtual world while uncovering the secrets the corporation wished to keep to itself. The ultimate goal of the "virtual viral advertising campaign" was not only to sell, but to gain a hold on the minds of the population. This is not the group's only goal, however. With the rest of the world turning a blind eye to the madness, who will help them escape?

Concept In Progress!

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